Pansexual Deadpool? Ryan Reynolds Says Yes


Of course, that's no guarantee the movie will confirm it.

Marvel's kind of weird stance on LGBT representationthe Deadpool in his upcoming film is definitely pansexual

It's basically canon.

Whether you take him seriously or not, Deadpool has had a few flirtatious moments with more than one gender. His main love interest is Death, but he seems like an equal-opportunity flirt to me.

What do you think Mercs?@LAVONYORK@Rafamike@JonathanBellamy@trin1991@JoshuaGraston@Namrow@brandongromala@Jak91@Fallout14@SamTheMallow@CandaceJordan@DarthRevan@MelvinManning@Calanator@twistedreaper6@MichaelOgg@Kirooken@DerpyPantz@Lawlpool@kenjutsu101@electica@SterlingH89@Jak91@kuzuri96@MichelleHolly@Taigara@Zeta@CodyBunting@AutummUmphries@YoSoySoysauce@chuyslim@JrGrimes@EmmaLeaBell it sounds like some fans are unhappy about this- what's your take?

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