My favorite underrated songs


I decided to make a list of my favorite songs that I feel need to get more attention. I hope you like them :)

1. Driving by A. Cian 2. Not that kind of girl by M.Pire 3. One Way by JJCC 4.One Love by F.Cuz 5. Tarzan by Wonder Boyz

6. Are You Ready? by B.I.G.(Boys In Groove) 7. Tantara by Alphabat 8. Left out by Legend 9. Shadow by Legend 10 Drawing the Line by Royal Pirates

11. Headache by High4 12. So into you by Lu:Kus 13. Yes or No by A-prince 14. BlackOut by N-sonic 15. Greenlight by Troy

16. New World by MadTown 17. Psycho by History 18. Insane by A-Jax 19. Rain by BTS 20. Let her go by F.T. Island

well this is it for now Hope you guys liked it. What are some of your favorite underrated songs? (credit to owner of videos) @kpopandkimchi@B1A4BTS5ever@Rhia@thePinkPrincess@jessicalnichols@KellyOConnor@ArmyofKookie@ARMYStarlight@electica@Myaisnotsexy@Exoexo@MattK95

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