Why I Love Nozomi Tojo!

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This is Nozomi Tojo!

She's from the anime Love Live! School Idol Festival. Don't know it? That's ok! I'll tell you about why Nozomi is great, even if you're not into the anime ;)

She's incredibly perceptive.

This might be due to the fact that she is very ~in tune~ with the spiritual world (she reads Tarot and relies on her cards a lot!), but I think it also has to do with the fact that she is good at reading people's wants and needs. Reading people well is a skill I think I have and I'm still learning to harness, so I'm really inspired by Nozomi in this way!

She's always a step ahead of everyone else in her plans, and I wish I would be, too!!


She's not afraid to be herself!

Sure, bullying her friends to do what she wants by threatening to squeeze their chests is probably not something we all want to do, but it works for her! Nozomi is Nozomi through and through, and I really admire that she doesn't let that change.


She knows how to rely on others.

There was a time when Nozomi was really lonely, but when she met Eli and eventually her other friends, she learned how to rely on them and how to be part of that family! One thing I really want to learn to do is to rely on others more faithfully than I do now, and I think Nozomi can teach us that!

She's a great leader!

My favorite kind of leaders are the one who aren't obviously in charge. Honoka is the leader of the group in Love Live, but Nozomi is kind of their leader, too. She guided them together, helps them make the right choices, and pulls the strings necessary to make them all work out together!


She's selfless.

Even when Nozomi is the one behind the scenes, pulling strings and making everything happen, she doesn't try to take any credit for herself.



Nuff said, yeah?


Anyways, I love Nozomi!

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