Real Drama Talk: Bullying in Korea

Korean dramas aren't all romance and happy momentsreal, physically painful bullying.

Boys Over Flowers

eggs and flour thrown at her

Scenes like this have occurred in other dramas as well, and are shocking every single time.

Angry Mom

It's sort of a funny idea, but it also shows that bullying is a big enough problem in schools that pop culture comments on it. Again, I haven't seen it but it seems to touch on bullying in a more serious way as the drama continues.

Has anyone seen this?


School 2013

constantly bullied and beaten to the point of bleeding.


KDRAMASTARSignore bullying even if they witness it directly.

That's why the company works with the Seoul Government on a system so that any student who sees another student being bullied can push a button that notifies a teacher. During the project trial, 106 calls were made that led to counseling sessions that prevented bullying!


What has your reaction been to bullying in Korean Dramas?

What dramas have had bullying in them that you remember?

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