10 Things That Happen If You're The Friend Who Moved Away

Traveling makes you think about a lot of things in a different light. You see the world slightly differently than before, and sometimes you start to miss the things that seemed like they'd never go away. Your friends are your support system, and you don't notice a lot of the wonderful things they do for you until it's too late.

When you move away, or separate yourself from the people who love and support you, it can bring up a lot of things. Good, bad or indifferent, progress and change happens for a reason.

1. You'll lose touch.

It would be naive to think that things will be the same once you leave. Things are going to change, and you'll probably lose touch. It's not a good thing or a bad thing, it just happens. I think it's good to realize that nothing gold can stay. You've got to move forward and look for change.

2. People will start to hate on you.

It doesn't matter where you go or what you do, people are going to either get jealous and start hating on you, or forget you ever existed. While both options are equally annoying, the later is worse. I think if people are going to waste energy hating on you, then you're probably doing something right.

3. When you come back, someone is going to think you've "changed too much."

No matter how far you've come, what you've learned or how many souvenirs you bring back people are going to have a problem. Whether you're the talk of the town, the envy of your friends or you really have changed more than they expected, one thing is for certain: you can't please everyone.

4. You'll become a pro at Skype / FaceTime.

Depending on if you're in a different time zone, you'll have to schedule these things out extremely carefully. Make sure to create time for your friends, respond to their snapchats, be there for them. Try and make it work!

5. You'll get nostalgic about things you thought you hated.

Like sitting around in your dirty college house just watching TV, working on homework together, taking late night drives to the campus shopping area and searching for the perfect beer. The little things that take you back will always be there to comfort you. Even though you thought you hated sitting around talking all day, you'll regret not enjoying those times more.

6. You'll miss being in the same room as your best friends.

Even if you weren't doing anything at all, just hanging around your friends was enough to boost your mood and make you feel like you were understood. Whether it's watching terrible horror movies, bitching about your classes, or just doing random things in your home town there is something amazing about being in your comfort zone.

7. You'll be forced to make new friends.

This is a necessary evil. You can't recreate the magic of your best friends, but you can try and make new relationships that will last a lifetime. There's a scary element to getting to know new people, but once you do you'll feel a lot better. Maybe you'll feel even more comfortable than you did at home. It's all about creating new memories while still honoring the ones that made you who you are.

8. You'll feel guilty for moving on.

You don't want to forget your friends, but sometimes life gets busy and you tend to neglect them. Don't fall into that pattern of feeling guilty for not answering their texts or calling them back. Make an effort, try to connect and if they don't want any part of you, move on. Life is too short to feel badly about things you can't control.

9. You'll start to feel jealous and sad if your friends can all hang out together and you're the only one not there.

It's just the fear of missing out on life and happiness. When you put so much energy into cultivating those relationships and you're seemingly transplanted away from them, it can weigh on you causing loneliness.

10. You'll have to redefine yourself.

When you move away, it's ultimately a chance to become whoever you want to be. Moving around a lot as a kid taught me that some things are inescapable, but if you want to be better, look cooler, act smarter or even nicer, this is your opportunity.

You're going somewhere where nobody knows your name or your face, so take the opportunity to be the best person you can be.

Despite everything, your past doesn't have to dictate your future.

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