Before You Start Fallout 4, Catch Up w/ The Lore of the World

The day is here, Fallout 4 is on store shelves and you're probably at work or school or prison waiting to get out just so you can play the game. But Fallout has a pretty storied history. I mean, the series has been going on for years now.

Most people who enjoy the series are unaware of the actual narrative of the world throughout the series. Yeah, sure, Fallout 1 and 2 were developed by a different company before Bethesda had their hands on it but how many of us remember them and what happened? Not a lot, I'd bet.

[I spent the last couple of months trying to work up the courage to work through Fallout 2 but I never mustered up enough strength. I was defeated by my own hubris and in the end I never made it out of that ritual chamber. So much for being the Chosen One, eh?]

The folks over at Polygon were nice enough to put together a Fallout Timeline for the rest of us who don't have time to read through the wikia page. (I always have time for this but having it in a video format with a nice graph is also really cool) And it's everything I always wanted.

I'm completely obsessed with the Fallout Universe and I remember after Fallout: New Vegas was announced, I sat on my computer between classes and read all about the timeline. So even though I already know most of the stuff that was in the video, it was still fun to listen to.

And it was great looking at all the footage from the old games. It was like walking down memory lane before starting a new journey down another road that'll eventually be built on to memory lane and all the residents will be like, "Man, I can't believe this. The neighborhood is going to shit." or something.

Anyway, what are you doing still reading this? Get outta here and play the game already!

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