4 Dumb Viral Videos You Totally Forgot About Until Now

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1. He Man Says Hey

I have this long-standing theory that this video in particular is the center of the internet. Seriously, it shows up when you least expect it. In fact this video was what triggered this post. I thought, "Oh God. It's back."

Why It Went Viral:

Favorite Moment

View Count: 62, 917,000

2. Too Many Cooks

This is possibly the longest video to ever go viral. In 2015 audiences everywhere were baffled by the mystique of Too Many Cooks. This is honestly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Seriously, it goes on forever, and you have to watch the whole thing or else you'll miss the point entirely. It appears to be a clever satire on opening title sequences of sitcoms, but evolves into...well...I'll just let you watch it.

Why It Went Viral

View Count: 9,357,000

3. You Forgot Blueberries

This video was shown to me Sophomore year of high school, and as soon as people sat down, they were watching for my reaction. That's how you know you're in for a video that either A. has something to do with someone getting hurt, or B. has a surprise ending.

This one has both of those elements.

Why It Went Viral:

Favorite Moment:

View Count: 18, 019, 000

4. Scarlet Takes A Tumble

Seriously, best. Ever.

Why it Went Viral: Because like.....just watch it.

Favorite moment: After the crazy ending, when she's rolling around screaming in pain. Sorry if that's harsh, it's just classic.

View Count: 24,316,000


Which one is your favorite!? And what viral video still makes you laugh?

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