[V] BTS Gayo - track 7 screenshots!



Jungkook was trying to interpret a bee since the song title is honey. But his facial expression was the best. I could never get over it, even Jimin and Suga couldn't handle it. My precious... (so i decided to use it as my profile picture)

Next is Hoseok's turn.

He went crazy when Jungkook almost got the answer. So he used every inch of his body to show what he meant. Worth it.

Suga and the orange team's turn.

Suga was interpreting VIXX - Error, and this was his "got injected" face. Oh, and V's 0 to 100 expression was great too. Although the two brats didn't get the answer at the end, but it was great to see Yoongi tried everything.

Yoongi still tried his best, then Jungkook decided to let out his inner Big Bang fanboy and dance Bang Bang Bang. The other one was V interpreting Block B - Her. In korean it's 헐 = heol, same like a shocked expression. So he did that instead of dancing.

Punishment time!

*Contains kisses!!!* *squeal* Orange team lost. Suga won rock paper scissor so he didn't have to do it. Then Jimin had to kiss V on the cheek.................. and V app chose to censor it. The aftermath... take responsibility Jimin!

[!] Update: Got the uncensored screen shot!

So that's it!!! This is my first card. Been wanting to post something but couldn't figure out what. So, i decided to share this since i had a great laugh watching this. Especially, my favorite part... 다음에 만나요! = Daeume mannayo! = See you next time! *suga wave*

Hiatus, but still visit once in a while~ see you ★
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