I want to come back to AU.

When I was sleep,I had a dream. It is such a beatiful dream because I stay in the Perth city and I have a sweet house and garden but When I wake up the dream is go away. Yes I really want to go AU, I really regret one's past mistake. Why I come back to South Korea? Why I wasn't going to Univesty? I could choose two differant way. First, I can go to the Universty because I had a good IELTS point so I can choose any other school in AU. Second, I come back to Korea and I find a good job. Yes I am very stupid because I choose the second one and I got a stupid job in Korea. If I stay in the Au I will have a good job and I got a my own house. But I didn't have enough money and I slowly save the money. I really miss....my home town.

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