The Benefits of Black Castor Oil

Holy grail would be an understatement.

I came across black castor oil in college and used it for a bit, but was never too consistent. It was just recently that I purchased myself a bottle and have been applying it to my eyebrows every night for the last six weeks in hopes of growth and let me tell you, the results are real.

A lot of women use black castor oil around the edges of their hair to bring about growth. I've heard several stories and I am now a believer. It wouldn't be right if I kept this little secret to myself and didn't share with others.

5 Benefits Of Black Castor Oil:

Prevents thinning hair and hair loss

Can be used to soften hair

Deep conditioning and oil cleansing

Reduces acne scaring

Works as a balm for your edges

Whether you're trying to grow back your edges, eyebrows or whatever the case may be -- trust me when I say that black castor oil will become your best friend in a short period of time. The secret to growth is consistency. You have to stay on top of applying the oil daily.

Nothing happens over night, but the results are nothing short of amazing. Be sure to grab yourself a bottle, but in the meantime keep scrolling and check out the video below for a little more insight.

Ladies, have you tried black castor oil for your hair or skin?

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