Sugar Minott - Studio One Tribute (Remastered)

2010년 사망하면서 자메이칸 레게, 댄스홀의 전설로 자리잡은 Sugar Minott의 2008년 발표한 앨범의 리마스터반

01. I Can't Get Over Losing You

02. Love Me With All Your Heart

03. Call On You

04. Vanity

05. Declaration Of Rights

06. Ten To One

07. Conquer Me

08. Willow Tree

09. No Man Is An Island

10. Just Another Girl

11. Danger In Your Eyes

12. Yaho Yaho

13. Undying Love

14. Give Me The Right

15. Never Give Up

16. Way Down There

17. Why Don't You Try

18. Give Me Good Love

19. Too Long Will Be Too Late

20. My Love Is True

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