Selena & J. Lo Look Insanely Similar!

In 1997, Jennifer Lopez stars in her breaking role as Selena. In a lot of the shots, she looks just like Selena, it brings a chill down my spine.

At the time of the movie, Jennifer Lopez became the highest paid Latina in Hollywood. She earned a million dollars for her role.

The movie with JLo was actually a "pre-emptive strike" since unauthorized films we already in the making of a movie on Selena's life shortly after she had passed.

Not everyone loved the fact the JLo was chosen to play Selena. Actually, several Latino groups were protesting JLo's role in the movie.

35,000 extras arrived on the scene where Selena performed her final concert at the Houston Astrodome

More photos of Selena and JLo!

Jennifer Lopez' scene where Selena sings "I Could Fall In Love"


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