infinite screen shot game results.

So this is my first card. I had to make it an infinite one .

Well you can't always get the results you want, but I am still happy with what I would up with.

So the story to go with this here we go. Myungsoo is my childhood friend we have been together since we were born as our parents were best friends causing us to grow up together. As we grow up we stay super close even after he has joined infinite, but for the longest time he wouldn't let me meet the other members until finally after enough begging he caves. I knew at first glance I liked Sungyeol he could always bring a smile to my face without even trying before I knew it I was falling for him hard. Little did I know as I was watching Sungyeol another person couldn't keep their eyes off of me ever since we met Woohyun watch from the side making sure I stayed happy. One day finally fed up with his members getting all my attention Myungsoo asked to go on a date after quickly agreeing he took time out of his busy schedule to plan an amazing day where a smile never left my face. Months passed as I enjoyed the precious time I spent with infinite unable to reveal my feelings for Sungyeol my birthday slowly crept up. We were having a small party at infinite's dorm when Woohyun pulled me to the side handing me a small envelope with a shy smile watching as I opened it. My eyes widened in surprise as I held tickets to Bora Bora where I have always dreamed of going, but no one really paid attention when I talked about it before or I had thought. so Woohyun and I went to Bora Bora for a week without telling anyone so we could enjoy our vacation as we slowly grew closer as friends while I was still unaware of his feelings. Next thing I knew the boys were getting ready to go on tour and since I have grown very close to them in the past year Dongwoo came up to me practically begging me to go on tour with them since they would be stuck with nothing but boys for the next few months. But unfortunately Woolliment wouldn't allow it as I had to say goodbye to them only able to wait for them to return. As they were getting ready to leave I was pulled to the side by a very upset Hoya. He didn't like all the attention I was getting from everyone he felt like he was losing his friends, but after talking to his about it I was able to settle his nerves and get slightly closer to him. After being gone for months I get a call one day from Woohyun as he suddenly asked me to turn on the radio to hear the new song he had wrote. After I listened to it he sent me a text telling me he knew my feelings already, but he had to tell me how he felt about me so he could move on. And that u should get the courage up to tell Sungyeol how I felt even if he rejects me. So with the help of Woohyun I worked up the courage to confess to Sungyeol and he surprisingly said yes as we dated for a year. After a year we had a really bad fight because he had been a little too friendly with female artist which made me upset. After we fought we decided it was better for us to be friends so we didn't break up infinite or anything. 6 months after we broke up Myungsoo who had always been there for me confessed his feelings for me as he held me as I was crying over some sad movie. I was surprised at first and pushed him away for a while until I finally realized I had always been in love with him. Now 20 years later Myungsoo and have been married 17 years and have 2 kids together his is still apart of infinite, and we are all still super close as we like to joke about how I was Woohyun's first love and Sungyeol was my first boyfriend.

4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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