Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung updated fans and warned them about accounts impersonating her and her members. Sooyoung shared on SMTOWN, “Everyone^-^~♥ Are you doing well? It sounds like spring is coming~ hehe. Should we walk as the flowers fall along the path? hehe I heard Korea is very coldㅠㅅㅠ Don’t become careless because spring is coming, and please be careful of catching a cold!!^^” “The reason why I’m writing is not only because I’m excited for spring~ I cannot just stand by watching the rampant impersonations that have been going on^-^ hehe At first I just tried to laugh it off~ But after seeing our SONEs’ hearts become troubled by these perpetrators, wouldn’t you get mad too~~? hehe To the fake Sooyoung~ if you are reading this post, please stop now~^^. Although I am thankful for your wish to communicate with the SONEs temporarily on my behalf, don’t do it any longer~ hehe. If you don’t stop and continue doing this, I will do something about it ^^.” “The fluttering wind of spring gently blows~ I apologize for not updating you with good news ..^-^♥ I will use this homepage to update you more often. I love you, SONE^-^♥.”

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