My Flights Of Fancy



They fill my minds eye. Wondrous things to behold that are as free as the wind but have such substance to affect us all. They can burn bright red, give to subtle hues of blue and grey, or darken to purple as the sun goes down. Every chance I can remember it, I race to the window in hopes of seeing the beauteous masses floating freely up on the sky, hoping to glimps the Wankìan Oyàte, the Thunder and Lightning people dance in the sky. Long have I so gazed and wished I could meet them there. (pictures from Google)

My Cloudy Sea.

I've never witnessed the majesty and powerful grandeur of a stormy ocean but in my dreams. I would linger there in my mind from sun up or sun down. This is mostly a fantasy triggered by a picture, a song, a color, a sound, or even the feel of water. I imagine myself flying between the sea and sky caught in between this powerful exchange, as the clouds kiss the sea and the sea spins for the sky. (pictures from Google)

My Cliff Side.

Whether it is to survey the passing of time and ages, or to do a run and jump off of so that I can stretch out my wings, my cliff side is the place I escape too when I'm really in the mood to ponder. I imagine seeing the ages of the earth pass me by, I imagine seeing the lovers and leaders of the ocean cycle through with so e saying goodbye and others reuniting. It is also there where I imagine I'm not alone in watching the world. (pictures from Instagram:@followmeaway)

My Forest.

Once when I was younger, I got lost in a huge orchard. Some would consider this to be frightening but I found it to be the most comforting thing in the world. I was surrounded by the bearers of piece and calm breaths. From then on the forests of the world were my fanciful playground. The place I went for shelter, love, and to hear stories of old from the trees that had been around since time had a name. Sometimes if I sit and focus enough, I can smell the cool mists, I could feel the mater in it tickle my nose and caress my face. Oh such peace. (pictures from Google)

My Waterfall.

Reading a book or walking in the water of the small pool, this fancy of mine is for those moments in time I feel most bogged down by life. I imagine the water has healing abilities and I am free from all the worries of the world if I but dive in. Clarity, freedom, strength, rejuvenation of life all await the breath when I sim to the top not giving up. Never. Any instance where my fancy wonders to me ready a book as I sit against a tree, I am always companied with a small fire and someone laying on a blanket on the other side of the fire. (first picture from Instagram:@followmeaway; rest Google)

My Wings. If you have not realised it, I can fly. *chuckles* I have wings in every facet of my fancy. I can fly through it all because I am a bird. Interestingly, it is in my name. You all know me as MarySEW, but Mary is only a part of my first name, Spotted-Eagle-Woman is the next part of my name. So I'm a bird, and what do birds do best? (pictures from Google)

My Love. Every chance I get I imagine my love. Romantic to the bone, I picture myself with him and I in different life's spanning from one end of this universe to the other, one point of time to the next, where ever my heart has, have, and will lead me. I imagine him and I cycling through the ages together, meeting as perfect matches, or colliding as two different fates heading in to different directions to wind up on a completely different path together. I wonder as to what calamity separated us and what one means to bring us back together, if any calamity at all. I see him as the companion of life and every facet from the tangible to the just-abe-to-recognize. Soulmate, halfside, lover, friend, who ever he may be.

And now I leave it to you@ButterflyBlu,@Arellano1052,@marshalledgar,@danidee,@nicolejb,@shannonl5!!! What are your fancies? you don't have to go into extensive detail like I did, lol.

I am Mary and Mary is me. What else is there to say?
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