Hello Everyone, So I've been on Vingle for a couple months now but have never actually figured out how to use it. Hopefully I can figure everything out now.

This is me. Name: Joanna Mahealani Peters Age: 21 I first heard of kpop in 2010 when I discovered SNSD's Gee and fell in love with it. I didn't really get into kpop until my freshman year of college in 2012 which is also when I discovered the wonderful world of kdramas.

My favorite groups are 2NE1, Infinite, Epik High, Got7, BTS and f(x). My ultimate bais is Dara and SungGyu. I've only been to one kpop concert so far and that was 2AM's Nocturne concert in LA which I dragged my brother to (he ended up a fan of them by the end of the night^^) and I got to see CL at Mad Decent Block Party in LA this past September. My favorite dramas are Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, City Hunter, The Lovers and currently Six Flying Dragons.

I guess that's enough for now. I'll try and most more now that I've started to figure this whole thing out.

Joanna Peters
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