Real Drama Talk: Strong Female Characters

"In Korean dramas, women are often weak and pitiful. They can't take care of themselves and constantly need a man to come to their rescue."


Cha Ki Young (The Greatest Marriage)

Have you seen this drama? It's NUTS! A successful news anchor gets pregnant by her super rich boyfriend (Phillip from Pasta). He takes her to his parents and to get their approval for marriage (the pregnancy is secret) but they want her to quit her job. She says HECK NO then tells her bf she got a smushsmortion. She then carries on with her job hiding the pregnancy until she can't, but keeps her job and becomes a single mother.


Hwang Ji Ahn (I Do, I Do)

Another one about a single mother (mamma I luv ya!)

A successful shoe designer has a one night stand, then he randomly wins a shoes design contest that lands him an internship in her department (oh Kdrama world coinkydink). She finds out she's pregnant and hides it. She meets the perfect man of her dreams who all but offers to marry her and say the baby is his. SHE TURNS HIM DOWN and says she'll do it on her own.


I know this is SUPER late. I quit my job and started a new one; I ran into an abusive ex and I'm ill. Cut me some slack? K, thanks!


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