Jets lose a big one to Buffalo

Same old Jets.

This was a huge game for the Jets, as winning would have placed them in firm position to take an AFC Wild Card spot while also hurting their rivals' chances of doing so.

It would have given them some distance.

Not to mention that they desperately wanted to beat their old coach Rex Ryan in his first game against his ex-team.

Instead, the Jets came up flat and short. It was ugly, to say the least.

They turned the ball over four times - two Ryan Fitzpatrick INTs, plus fumbles by Devin Smith (which was recovered for a TD) and Chris Ivory.

They had the ball deep in Buffalo territory with 3 minutes left, down by 5, and could not come up with points. That was the killer.

It hurts because the Jets no longer have a handle on the Wild Card spot, but this is deeper than the Wild Card.

Rex Ryan said all week that this was just another game, but it was so clear that he wanted this one bad. He was seen swearing and celebrating aggressively when the final whistle went.

Ryan has the reputation of being a not-so-nice-guy and he didn't do anything to help that rep last night. Especially amongst Jets fans.

The Jets hold on to the playoff spot for now but will be hoping that Pittsburgh and Oakland lose this week in order to finish the week on top.

They have a long 9 days off now before traveling to Houston to play the Texans. That will be a must win game against a truly bad team. No time to mess around now. The playoff push begins now.

Anyone see the game?



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