unbleached kpop idols!!

hello everyone !! so this card / album thingy is gonna be abt kpop idols and their true skin!! tbh, most international fans like it when their oppa's aren't white-washed and pale as a piece of paper (please, don't take this to offense!), we like when our idols are just being themselves and could care less about their skin color. SO THIS CARD will be about the most beautiful tan kpop idols, NOT the pale/white-washed pictures. if you personally feel offended by these pictures or by this description (i don't see why you would be offended ?????) then you should probably leave. unbleached idols are amazing beautiful, just as beautiful as them as pale idols. :) so i hope you all look forward to the photos and videos of unbleached kpop idols!!!!! :D

ireumeun.. jungkook 👀
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