Apple Cider Margarita

Have you all ever heard of an Apple Cider Margarita? Can this be any good? I had to share this because the reviews online SWORE UP AND DOWN that this was delicious. But part of me wonders because it just doesn't seem right. I'm a die-hard Cadillac fan. That's my drink, so with the first ingredient on the list being Grand Marnier, perhaps this won't be so bad after all.


Grand Marnier

Gold tequila

Apple cider

Ground cinnamon

Sliced oranges and apples

Pure cane sugar

Cinnamon sticks (for garnish)


Pumpkin pie spice


1. In a cocktail shaker, pour one ounce Grand Marnier and one ounce tequila.

2. Add a half cup of cider.

3. Sprinkle just a smidge of cinnamon and then shake it all up.

4. Since it is a margarita, glide the rim of the glass with an orange slice, dipping the glass in a mix of cinnamon/sugar.

5. Pour your apple cider margarita over ice and garnish with fresh fruit of Autumn like an apple slice, an orange wedge or a cinnamon stick. Add just a dash of pumpkin pie spice and serve.

Is this something you all would try? It is perfect for the season. Are you iffy about changing up a good ole margarita like me? Let me know!






























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