Why I Hate Sakura Haruno

@hikaymm I honestly hate her. everyone does everything for her. Yes she gets stronger in shippeuden(?). But in the original Naruto series, honestly she is just a pain. And when she says she does 'something'. I think she is just pathetic. Maybe I'm acting to harsh on her, but she hasn't done anything. I mean if you look at everyone else they do a lot now look at her. See? And then the whole 'SASUKE-KUN!!!' thing..... And I usually like every anime charecter... but then I met Sakura.. I just hate her which I know is a strong word but... yeah.. and look at the way she treats Naruto. She acted like he was just a pain in the ass, excuse me for my language but still. If you don't like her either comment, like, or clip. I am also doing this for a competition but I still don't like her so please help with a like comment or clip thanks

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