Best K-pop Dancers (Personal Opinion)


There is different types of dancers out there that would catch your attention by a blink. We all know that dancing is a universal thing so why not talk about some great dancers out there. I got inspired to make this card by@kpopandkimchi because ever since I can remember I've always loved to dance. I guess it runs in the family because my parents actually met at a dance! Haha Anyways... I'm getting off topic! So, I decided to show you a few of my favorite Kpop dancers followed with a short video of their dancing skills. P.S. I think T.O.P in reality is a great dancer! He just likes to tease! Silly Boy!


나하은 (Na Haeun)

At such a young age and so talented! Na Haeun did her first appearance in public at the age of four in a show called 'Star King'. 2 years later at the age of six she made a shocking appearance to the judges with her cute and fierce performance in 'K-Pop Star 4' where she sang "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" & finished her performance with a hip-hop choreography.


Monsta X's leader wow's me with his dancing skills and he got inspired to persuade his dream by no one other than Rain.


Known for his dancing and sexy body! haha but guys we have to keep it PG!


This one's the one that really got me off surprise! After watching this video and some other videos of Kihyun. I honestly did not know he had this in him! His dance style is very charming. I love it!!! Why can't I do the robot! Oh yeah btw where is my manners I forgot to introduce him! This is the cute and charming vocalist from Monsta X Kihyun!! Watch his amazing robot skills guys!

Jay Park

If you have not or do not know about Jay Park's awesome dancing skills then you are missing out!!


Minzy is one of the few kpop female dancers that I really admire for her dancing skills! If you don't know who Minzy is she is the main dancer in 2NE1. She actually was discovered by YG from her dancing skills on her YouTube channel.

Young Bae (Taeyang)

Taeyang from Big Bang is a great dancer! It will have all the girls breathless and all the boys fanboying over his dancing skills!


They are a K-Pop group that have done many dance covers. They caught my attention when they released their first song 'The Light' but then I started realizing they were really good dancers especially in this dance cover shown above. Most of you ARMYs might have seen BTS react to this dance cover before. They are totally amazing especially to be rookies.

Jimin & J-Hope

One of my ultimate favorite dancers believe it or not! I think more because of their dorkiness but they are also great dancers. Hands down BTS has a great dancing group!


This Got7's B-Boy skills are just great!


Last but not least... I got to admit even though Kai is not my EXO bias he is totally amazing when it comes to dancing! His performance is just so on point that if I get too close it might poke me in the eye! With a great performance technique you can never go wrong in dancing!! It just makes it look so real!


Ok! So now a question!

Q: In a dance battle who do you think would win out of all these I stated above?

Please leave your answers down below! I'm curious to see how many votes each idol gets!! :D@CreeTheOtaku@KeziahWright@TesneemElAlami@KpopGaby@ChavaBerry@MyaIsNotSexy@Ercurrent@ARMYStarlight@4dalientae@monicacerroblan@JustinaNguyen@LiNaHyun@panouvang123@LateashaChantae@Tigerlily84@DaisySalazar@emilyanpham14@momo143kao@StefaniTre@biancadanica98@WiviDemol@NSSagasshi@AriannaLopez072@AimeeH@JBrez@CristelaLoz@baileykayleen@Apink8@Meeshell@thePinkPrincess@MorganElisabeth@VixenViVi

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