Learn Korean With Me ✨ Lesson Three: Korean Particles

last lettervowellastletterconsonant

last lettervowellast letterconsonant

The last particle I will introduce you to today is 에, and it denotes place or time. You simply attach 에 to the end of a place or time. Examples: 한국에= "Korea" is the place. 미국에= "America" is the place.

You can practice these particles with English to wrap your head around it and get used to using these particles along with the sentence structure. I는 Korean을 speak. I는 you를 like. I는 3pm에 went. I는 hamburgers을 3pm에 ate. Go ahead and practice in the comments if you'd like! Just don't go trying to strike up actual conversation just yet, as we haven't covered conjugations and sentences probably won't technically make sense yet! Anyway, good job! Next time we'll cover the verb "to be" and this/that. Fighting! 💪👊

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