I'm so sick. sick of being pushed aside. sick of waiting. waiting for you to decide. who you are. who your not. and who you want to be. sick of waiting. for you to figure yourself out. sick of your excuses. sick of being told to wait. I'm so sick. sick of being told. where my priorities should be. sick of not choosing my own. sick of putting this, this, and this first. sick of being told what to do. sick of being lead astray. sick of loosing sight of what matters. I'm so tired. tired of being put on the shelf. three strikes your out. that's it. I quit. third relationship. where I've been attached to it. but they've been "moving to quick". months go by. and a kiss. on the lip. is too quick. as I. take a sip. of your shit. I'm so sick. I'm so sick. I'M SO SICK. tell me it gets better. and I'll tell you your a liar. tell me to look in the bright side. I'll tell you that I'm blind. tell me there's greener pastures. I'll tell you I own a cow. or some shit, idk how to come back at that one.

I'm a drummer in a start up punk band. " no one can hurt me without my permission" Gahndi
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