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Hunting Nightmares Summary: It is 2025 and due to illegal experimentation the unlinking of evil has occurred and there are shadows lingering all around possessing whoever they can. There are specialists called Venatores that are meant to deal with these shadows. Sophia Weiss is seventeen year-old Venator living with her older twenty year-old brother, Anthony, and disappointed mother, Melanie. Having being blamed for the death of her father, Sophia recklessly ventures out on shadow hunts to stay away from home and the problems that come with being there. One day, Sophia is given an assignment, by her scornful superiors, that was meant for an S-class ranking hunter. This assignment was to capture a shadow that results to have the same traits as her late father. Without telling anyone she runs away from home to complete the mission and to conduct further research on this particular shadow.

Well I'm new to this site and have already felt very welcomed. I am a writer and enjoy anime. I may post some inspirational writing. Only because I want to change someone's day. Well lovely, have a marvelous day/night. 😊 Wattpad Account: @MagneticWarrior
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