Lovely Nabi : PT 6

The abandoned area looked even colder with no one here though at least here she was shielded from the wind. Nabi wondered if she would see anyone here today they usually hung around here if they weren’t to busy. She saw a guy slowly making his way over the grey of his clothes making his face look sad and sunken in as he was lost in thought. Hoseok smiled widely when he saw her standing among the chairs. “I didn’t think I would see you here of all people.” He put on a happy face but she could tell there was something pulling at his mind. Hoseok plopped down on the couch they made from the back seat of a car. “I was hoping to find anyone here. No one seems to be answering their phones. I figured they are busy but I knew everyone comes here when they get time.” Nabi sat on the other seat of the couch. “Yea its sad that we don’t get to hang out as much as we could in the summer. Most everyone has school or work all the time.” He looked over at her hesitating for a moment. “You think I could lay my head in your lap for a while. I have things on my mind that I want to forget for a while.” “Yea of course.” She moved her legs so he could lay down. He gently put his head on her lap and let out a deep sigh. She could feel the tears wetting her jeans but thought best not to ask. They were like that in silence for a while before they heard someone come up behind them. She learned her head putting a hand on Hoseok's head telling him to stay there. “Oh Namjoon you came by.” She could feel Hoseok wiping the tears from his eyes quickly. “Yea I got your message saying you’d be here so I thought I’d swing by and see you as I went to work.” “Ah so you can’t stay.” Nabi put her hand over Hoseok’s face hiding his red eyes from Namjoon. “Unfortunately no sorry it’s really just a walk by hello.” Nam looked over at Hoseok. “Don’t mind him he’s asleep.” She lied so he wouldn’t have to talk “Ah well tell him I said hey.” Namjoon jogged off in the direction of work. Hoseok moved her hand and sat up looking at her. “Why did you lie to him?” It was very obvious that he still wanted to cry but had made himself stop. “Because you are their happy virus and none of the boys should have to see you cry.” She leaned closer to him resting her forehead on his her eyes welling up as she closed them. “It breaks my heart knowing you were crying imagine how they would feel.” He pulled her into a tight hug and she felt the tears against her neck as he let go of the sadness. They just sat like that for a long while quietly crying over their silent heart break.

@Emeaila@taetaebaozi@SeventeenBias@kpopandkimchi@shannonl5@VixenViVi@poojas@JessAS@amobigbang@B1A4BTS5ever That moment when you make yourself cry writing it. I'm so sorry for the crying guys I'm just preparing you for the rollercoaster of feels to come.

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