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I heard congratulations when it first came out but I didn't listen to their other songs before, and now I have. I completely fell in love with this group. Once again being a fangirl will be the death of me and my feels.

They know is fangirls to well (well jae at least). It's scary how self aware Jae is about himself wrecking bias lists.

Thanks JYP for ruining my life, I swear he takes pride in ruining fangirls. He's getting money, and I'm over here crying in a corner mad at the fact I've never paid much attention to this group. Meanwhile I'm waiting for a comeback that isn't even rumored to exist yet, and he's taking his good old time. Because these boys debuted before got7's just right or just a little bit after. But got7 already made a comeback. No offense I love got7, I just really want this group to make a comeback soon.

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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