You are so amazing, But yet you confuse me Your smile, Is worth a thousand words. Your eyes, Light my world up. You are amazing, But you talk about Someone else, Another girl perhaps. Im worried, Im falling, But will i hit the ground? Or do you feel something Towards me? I type what i want to say But i always erase it, Cause what if there is Another girl In your world, I cant stand to think About it, It makes me sick, Because to me, Your are gods Greatest creation. But to her, You are probably Just another guy, But your not. You are so damn special, Cant you see? I want to hold you, And love you Til the end of time, But i fear that other girl. She sucks you in Even if shes not the One for you. I am. And im sure of it. You warm my broken heart With every word, And every look. Your just so damn special, So please dont give yourself To her, Because she aint The right one, Shes going to break you. But me, I will not break you. I will catch you each time Before you hit the floor, Cause your so damn special. I will not let anything Happen to you. Your worth it all. And if you see me You will see i am Worth it as well. So dont get sucked into Her lies, Her motives To break you. Look at me, And know you are safe In my arms, No matter what comes your way.

Passionate for horses, reading, writing, music, nature and art.
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