My favorite"anime" Tumblr artists

In no particular order. These artists are amazing and deserve all the love and support!

All artists mentioned below are done so by their name on tumblr and all art is credited to the artists! I OWN NOTHING

I am only including one picture per artist, this picture does not in any way limit the artists and you should still check out their page for more of their works.


1. kelpls or ipoophere most of they're are consists of their fully developed OCs, Fayren is in the picture above. They also have art if multiple fandoms including Studio Ghibli, Steven Universe, etc. If you are interested in digital art they also include great tutorials!

2. pyayaya Most of their art consists of Haikyuu, mostly Kenma Kozume, a character from the anime. But their art style is so cute! They also have a store where they sell just as adorable Haikyuu stickers!

3. mookie000 Okay so this artist is probably one of my favorites. This is the most unique style I've ever seen! And not only do they draw Haikyuu, but they also draw the Power Puff Girls and the Rowdy Ruff Boys ♡ Their art is fashion inspired and gorgeous!!! (also have hilariously cute comics)

4. eicinic Also a mostly Haikyuu art blog, but seriously their art is beautiful! Its realistic and the painting is ahh! BUT they also have an ongoing comic/ original au about Adult Haikyuu characters, mostly Kuroo and Kenma.

5. kiyumemo Amazing art of random characters, I don't believe they are anyone in particular, but the art is cute anime boys. And who doesn't love that?

6. animauxing or c2oh Like the popular DS game Animal Crossing? Then you'll love this blog! Its mostly about their in game characters Codec and Sasha. This blog includes very cute comics about animal crossing and the adventures of Codec and Sasha.

7. suzuyajesus An art blog dedicated to Tokyo Ghoul, in particular Suzuya Juuzou, one of my favorite characters from the show. A little nsfw, but isn't that the best part?

8. xxhukixx Their art is awesome! It includes nsfw amputation, bondage, and zombies(?) but nonetheless the art is beautiful!

9. birries Art is bright and cute! They draw multiple fandoms and just random cuties!

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