Bias' Sundays: Jung Kook


happy sunday!!!! I know this is kinda late, but here it is! as you could guess from the image above, this week is....

Jong Kookie!!!! my little Kookie is my bias because he is adorable, great dancer, singer AND he's the Maknae! he.... is.... sorta.... like..... 5 years older than me (im too young!!!). but seriously, he is one of the ultimate OPPAS I have.

my friends describe me as "super asian" because of my hobbies and talents. I like to consider myself a Dancer and Singer, though I probably have no chance signing into a company someday -_-. I LOVE kpop, ever since I was 10 or 11 yrs old. I also like a lot of Korean related things and I'm trying to learn the language because I want to watch so many things but they don't have my two favorite words: [ENG SUB]
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