Block B in Chicago was FANTASTIC!!

So as a very short overview of the Block B was so freakin hype!! <3 This is a link to my Tumblr post with a good more detailed overview of my experience ~ (lol my face is red in this too hype)


Being B-Bomb bias, I focused on him a lot of the concert and cheered extra loud for him during his parts lol. I swear at one point he waveed at me~ He was on the left side of the stage scanning the crowd during a song when it wasn't his part so I jumped and waved both hands at him with my balloon and he waved in my direction back! ^^ (could be wrong of course, but hardly anyone on front of me had their hands up at that moment and he was angled/looking right at me in my direction so I'm gunna go with he waved at me)


During Zero for Conduct & HER I especially for SUPER turnt up!! My two favorite songs and I know the dances to them so I was just dancing the choreo in the crowd lol. luckily there was an empty seat next to me and I was next to to aisle. ^^ While concert was just sooo awesome~


So the thing that is going to forever make me wonder is something that happened after the concert. I was waiting in the back with other fans for Block B to board their bus after the concert. We picked a bad spot to stand(we also got there like 5 min before they came out) but we couldn't see them cuz we were standing on the other side of the bus from the door they came out of and they got on the bus right away. so we could only see them through the tinted windows but couldn't really tell who was who. But I was like awh that kind sucks we can't see them, and I still had so much energy so I just started dancing the HER & Zero For Conduct dances and just had fun lol. My friend told me notnlong after I started dancing, one of the members on the bus started recording me... I look at the bus still dancing and SURE ENOUGH you could see the bright white light of a phone camera pointed at us from the window!! I just kept dancing and prolly looked silly...but they continued recording (as in we could see the bright light from the phone camera) as the bus pulled out so I stopped and made Hearts at the bus and waved bye with all the other fans.. I'm still kind of just like....wait....did one of the members seriously record me!? Even if they were just recording the crowd on our side for some reason I would still be dancing in the video lol...I'm super curious which member it was...It had to have been one of the 1st members to get on the bus and Im pretty sure P.O, Taeil, & Jaehyo were the last ones to get on(not positive cuz couldn't really see)... but I'll prolly just never know which member, if they were really recording me, or if they were judging my dance skills lol. Anyways, who else had fun at the Block B concerts? ^^ Totally recommend EVERYONE in Vingle K-Pop Family to go to a Kpop concert when they get a chance. completely worth it. even had to drive 7 hours to Chicago, still worth. lol

I love K-Pop, music, dancing, singing, food, Kingdom Hearts, & many other things! My fav K-Pop groups are SJ, BTS, BigBang, GOT7, & Block B! I'm working hard to become successful in my dream career! ^^
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