New David Bowie Video Coming Soon, Still Weird as Hell

I think we can all agree that David Bowie is probably an alien. He might be the weirdest and most interesting rock musician that's still making music today. I didn't even know that he was coming out with another album so recently, so when I stumbled across this trailer for a video for a song on his album, I nearly wept.

You know, like, wept in that way people weep when the stains on their walls resemble a religious icon. Check the trailer in the next block.

You watch that 30 seconds? Yeah? Good. Now I have a couple of questions for you. Actually, maybe one question that encompasses all of them:

What is happening in this music video?

Bowie's alien sensibilities and culture might be a little too much for my small hamster/dinosaur/lizard brain because I don't understand any of the imagery in this trailer. Although, that close-up on the skull in the astronaut helmet looks a little familiar (*ahem* Star Wars: The Force Awakens *ahem*).

But aside from that? I have no idea if there's even a narrative to this music video. Or what the full song even sounds like. But I do know that I want to watch the video in full. I need to know what's happening with those people shaking in that weird house, or those crucified scarecrow looking things trying to dance or why is David Bowie so stoked on that book with a star on it?

The video will premiere on Palladia on Thursday November 19th

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