5 LGBT+ Comic Book Heroines

Because representation matters!

trans comic bookbisexual comic book charactersSo if you feel like you need a hero to look up to, someone to make you feel less alone, or just a new character to geek out over, here are five you should know!


She was in a relationship with Fantomex, and in Uncanny X-Force she was seen with his female clone Cluster.


She was introduced in 1940, and fans have been speculating more and more about her sexuality in recent years. Selina Kyle was confirmed as bisexual by writer Genevieve Valentine.

Renee Montoya

She was forced to resign from the police force when she was outed for being a lesbian. Afterwards, she became The Question: a genius detective vigilante.


Alias Kate Kane, she's engaged to Maggie Sawyer, a Metropolis police officer. Batwoman was introduced as a lesbian in 2006.


She was one of the first trans women in comics. Kate Goodwin worked with the Doom Patrol for a little while. She has the power to turn solids into liquids (and vise versa), and has a limited ability to see into the future.

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