Results from the Second Democratic Debate

Three candidates gathers Saturday night for the second Democratic Debate. The two frontrunners, Sanders and Clinton where joined with Martin O’Malley.

CBS’s John Dickerson even pressed

Here's how they did overall...

Hillary Clinton

Stage Presence:

Clinton has never been known for her approachability, but she did a decent job this time around. Even though she has a political "in" she justified her points with passionate and well-organized points.


Clinton offered the most detailed answers, especially when responding to challenging remarks from Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley on support for interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. When asked about her "in" with Wall Street, she expressed those connections were primarily through her work with Wall Street after 9/11.


Martin O’Malley

Stage Presence:

O'Malley, the clear underdog in the debate was able to make some big claims and spark some controversy. When addressing Trump, O'Malley got the best quote of the evening: "The fact of the matter is, and let's say it in our debate — because you'll never hear this from that immigrant-bashing carnival-barker Donald Trump — the truth of the matter is that net-immigration from Mexico last year was zero." Trump of course responded later on...


O'Malley seemed to echo the same sentiments on issues as both Clinton and Sander (depending on which gave the best answer). He did not stand out with new ideas of policies he wants in place.


Bernie Sanders

Stage Presence: C

A usually spark on stage, Bernie seemed to slack a bit during this debate. There was no "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails," tagline like last time. He focused on

Substance: B

Thought, Snader missed a big opportunity to talk about foreign policy. Blaming climate change as the real issue, he never attempted to lay out a plan for dealing with ISIS, which is a downfall on his end.



Did anyone watch the debate? What are your thoughts on the Democratic Candidates?

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