DIY popsicle stick scarecrow magnet

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For this project, you will need:

-- Popsicle sticks

-- Paint (orange, white, black and red)

-- Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

-- Magnets

-- Elmer's glue

-- Card stock or cardboard


-- Paintbrush

You can find these objects at a craft store.

Assemble the popsicle sticks

Take seven popsicle sticks and use the Elmer's glue to glue them to the piece of cardboard or card stock. Then, use the hot-glue gun to glue one of the popsicle sticks at an angle across the flat popsicle sticks, as shown in the second picture. Then, use the hot-glue gun to glue some raffia to the back of that tilted popsicle stick. Use caution when using a hot-glue gun — it can be very dangerous.

Paint the popsicle sticks

Use the paintbrush to paint on the orange paint on the top of tilted popsicle stick and for the hat of the scarecrow. Then, paint the scarecrow's face white. After those coats of paint have dried, paint the face on the scarecrow, as shown in the picture. The final step: use the hot-glue gun to glue the magnet on the back of the popsicle scarecrow. Let the glue and paint dry before putting the scarecrow magnet up.

Put the scarecrow magnet up on your refrigerator and enjoy!

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