Yugioh Card of the Day: Oct 31st 2015

Ever have that recurring problem that just keeps coming back to bite you? Yugioh has lots of cards that do that. Old Entity Hastorr is one of those cards and is today's Card of the day. Old Entity Hastorr is a level 4 Wind Reptile Synchro monster with 2300 ATK and 1000 DEF. Yes, that's right, level 4 WIND Reptile. His summoning requirements are non specific so any deck that synchro summons should be able to summon this guy. Hastorr is part of the 'previously' Korean Exclusive 'god' series. Through obvious "censorship" the word 'god' was replaced by 'Entity'. They were based around the books by H.P. Lovecraft. He is based on the fictional diety named Hastur, who had many Avatars, or ways to show himself. The card is a depiction of one such Avatar named the "King in Yellow". The King in Yellow would randomly appear as a book, when read, the reader would lose their minds. One such reader attempted to kill his lover and himself and cement themselves into statues so they could be together forever. He only succeeded in killing himself. As crazy as that sounds Hastorr is just about as bad. His starting ATK of 2300 is a hefty amount, tying him for strongest level 4 synchro. If he is sent to the graveyard you can equip Hastorr onto an opponent's monster. The equipped monster cannot attack and it's effects are negated. He becomes a fiendish chain. The 'if' in his text means him being sent to the graveyard does not have to be the last thing to happen. You can use him to synchro summon another monster then equip him onto an opponent monster and other situations like that. While equipped if he is sent to the graveyard you gain control of the equipped monster. It makes the monster "go insane" first by making them immobile them by making them betray their owners. That's enough to make even the seasoned pro sweat a little if it is played right and the opponent is caught unaware. It's a crazy card with a great effect and amazing artwork, play him if you can, fear him if you must, but now you have heard of him. Old Entity Hastorr is the card of the day for October 31, 2015.

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