Kmovie: Castaway on the Moon ♥ ♥ ♥

If you have not seen this film, let me just tell you, you should. Especially if you identify with these criteria:

1. Enjoy low key, light plot, movies where you get to see the characters grow.

2. Enjoy said light plot presented in a comedic way, with an underlying serious undertone.

3. Love gorgeous cinematography

4. Seek a happy ending with the implication of a romance.

5. And're

If for some reason you find this movie boring, I hope it's

I'm sure you're wondering now, what's this movie about?


It's the story of a man who is overwhelmed by life and decides to take it by jumping off a bridge. The problem?

You see that land under the bridge? He has the atrocious luck... or perhaps this is particularly fortuitous... to wash ashore on this island. Tiny spoiler: You want to know why he can't get back to shore? He can't swim

Cue the female lead.

She has not left her room in 3 years. During the day she plays an online game using multiple fake photos with the mindset that


At night, her hobby is to take photos of the moon. Specifically because no one lives on the moon.

It just so happens that the only day of the year she looks out when the sun is out is on the 2 days South Korea practices an air raid drill. It just so happens that she catches sight of this

And begins to document his existence instead of the moon.

During this time, he has made his home on this island.


Eventually he even begins to enjoy this way of life.

Eventually, her fascination with him leads her to actually go out at night,

And send him a message in a bottle. She can throw the bottle off the bridge onto the island.


They start to send messages and this begins to open the female lead up to the world.

It's a pretty realistic portrayal of what would happen if you were stranded on a miniature island in the modern era. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it and it's currently on Dramafever if you have a premium subscription. If you don't, I'm sure you can find it somewhere ;)

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