Anime Drawings

drawn this last year to this my 10th favorite Devil Fruit user character as well #Anime #OnePiece #Funimation #ToeiAnimation


old unfinished drawing of goku in super saiyan form I did this drawing in December 27th 2012

nami from one piece I did this last year too and I gotta say I really do like this drawing as well

Boa Hancock I drawn this on December 12, 2014

Lucy and natsu Kissing did this drawing on February 18th 2015

Nami in her 2 year time skip

gray and juvia

random anime couple

Kirby I drawn this 8 months ago

Lucy and natsu kissing again awww lol

Lucy and natsu looking fancy

Lucy and plush natsu tbh I like the drawing the most as well lol

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