Chapped lips?

Ughh one of the reasons why I hate the cold is because I get chapped lips! I always keep licking them and they get so ugly. 1. Run a washcloth under warm water, and then circle it over your lips. (it's gentler than using a toothbrush) 2. Wet a green tea bag with warm water, then apply to lips for like 5 minutes 3. Applying natural oils to lips such as coconut oil or olive oil 4. Exfoliate your lips! Either with you own recipe or you could exfoliate them with sugar and olive oils, mix equal amounts of olive oil with sugar and mix it till it forms a paste, Then apply to your lips and leave it on for like a minute then with a warm washcloth wipe it off. another recipe is Mix 1 tbs. of brown sugar , 1 tbs. of honey and 1 tbs. of olive oil. Mix it it all good then apply to your lips, with a warm washcloth remove.

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