FT 30-Day challenge (Day 2)

Day 2: Least favorite character

My least favorite character from Fairy Tail is this guy. The former Sabertooth guild master, Jiemma. He is a total a*s. Considering the fact that he raised poor Minerva in such a way that she literally was pure evil, that he stripped Yukino of her pride that she no longer wanted to be a celestial mage anymore, and when he broke Sting by making Lector disappear. Yup... hate this guy. Who was your LEAST favorite Fairy Tail character?

Well I'm new to this site and have already felt very welcomed. I am a writer and enjoy anime. I may post some inspirational writing. Only because I want to change someone's day. Well lovely, have a marvelous day/night. 😊 Wattpad Account: @MagneticWarrior
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