Meaningful Anime Song Challenge

Thanks@littlemaryk for making this challenge! It was fun to reminisce a bit with some of my favorite songs! I'm tagging@amandakay1990 for this challenge.

Fairytail Opening

"Masayume Chasing"

BoA has always been a favorite Kpop star of mine and I especially love when she sings in Japanese. Masayuma Chasing is a fun catchy tune which is why it's one of my favorites.

Death Parade Ending

"Last Theater" by Noisycell

This song feels like my life's theme song, honestly. And I'm happy I discovered Noisycell cause they are now one of my favorite Japanese indie rock groups!

Fairytail Opening

"Back-on" Strike Back

Princess Mononoke Theme Song

This is just plain and simple a beautifully written and sung song. I've always loved this song.

Gravitation soundtrack

"Blind Game Again" by Kotani Kinya

And oldie but a goodie :D

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