ISIS is Not Where You Expect

With the news that France is bombing Syria, I was curious about what area, and where the terrorist are located.

I think we assume that ISIS is in one place, in the Middle East only. But we forget that ISIS is linked to a set of ideals, ideals that (if targeting on the right people) they can instill in people around the world. These people can then carry out their own attacks.

Paris is just one example. Here are some others:

shot and killed a police officer which has been suggested was "politically motivated violence"

Belgium also seems to have a hub of ISIS, with ties of the Paris attacks to the city Molenbeek, a city actually regularly linked to jihadi violence and plotting.

The army exists in the Middle East, but they have soldiers all over there world.

And that's what's so frightening about ISIS to me.

While I don't disagree or agree with France's actions, I'm interested to see how they can attack this group from all ends.

Because this isn't a location-specific problem. It's global now.

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