My Travel Catalogue #3 - Paris: Dinner

From personal travel journal: Dinner at home, with Bossa Nova jazz and the soft strains of summer rain. I heard someone said earlier this morning: “Une journée sans un déjeuner sympathique est une journée perdu” meaning ‘a day without a good meal is a lost day’, a kind of anthem for the French when it comes to food. People here take their time with everything, they meander, they procrastinate, they laze around, they take a break, this is especially true with their food. These are, after all, the people that put ‘rest’ in ‘restaurant.’ The family living in the apartment below me dine out on their terrace the whole night, till midnight, all the while sipping wine and, I gather from my butchered french, talking trash about the government. Time seems to come to a stand still here, which is not bad, not at all. My Travel Catalogue is an ongoing collection featuring my personal travel photography and diary. You can see the entire collection here: What's yours?

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