Wanna brunch @ Craftworks?

This weekend, my friend took me to this amazing American style brunch. I know a lot of people say "American Style" brunch a lot, and once you arrive to the restaurant they give you little portions which flavors have been change from the original. Enough complaining about the portions! Going to the point, I was definitely impressed by the menu, size and flavor! Killing three birds with one stone, Craftworks is definitely one of my "to-go-back" list. To give a little bit more detail of what an amazing brunch I had, I had a "Big Breakfast" which consists of three eggs (which ever style you like), 2 pieces of chorizo, 4 pieces of ham (not the convenience store one) and potatoes. I know, I know it was a REALLY big breakfast..literally and I could not even finish half of it ( RIGHT! ) My friend, had "Pancakes" and I asked her "Are you sure you will be full with that?" and then the waitress warned us in a very kind, sweet, reassuring way "Hun, you will definitely be full with those pancakes, our pancakes are huge." A little bit doubtful, my friend and I did our regular catch-up or what Korean people would say ( 폭풍 수다 ) of our lives and then the food showed up. OH MY. This is definitely an American-style brunch place and I mean it. It's not one of those places that they pretend to be a brunch place, let me say that again--an American brunch place. This amazing place is hidden in one of the alleys in Noksa-pyeong Station ( Line # 6 ). You come out of exit # 2 and walk towards Namsan Station. You will find a little standing pamphlet that will guide you to amazingness. Besides all of this, WHO COULD HATE BRUNCH!?

Raised in Peru, Vingle newbie, food-lover and lifestyle follower! Currenty @ Seoul, South Korea. [Instagram: miran_park]
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