Thought of The Day: Basic Instincts


What happens when sleep doesn't visit us for a few days.

"Our bodies are physiologically gifted enough to give us little signals to stop what were doing and lay down. We ignore them almost all the time, leading us to do irrational things, like go to a diner at noon in public, when we’re inches away from giving up for good.

The voices that enter my ears are colored by my brain's exhaustion. Nothing is positive or good. We all have those days where our minds shut down any semblance of happiness. It’s normal, often too normal. So normal that we get used to living like that.

Happiness does not lie in the people around us, people who think that are missing the point. We can’t look to conversation and like-minded people for it. We have to find it ourselves.

Maybe happiness isn’t available to those who haven’t slept in two days. Once the deprivation ends, the mind rewinds and we get a chance to release ourselves of the burdens we hold every day. Happiness will have a vacancy, and we can check in."

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