What Every Woman Should Know

A woman should always feel like she's in control of her own destiny. A woman should know how to love without losing herself. A woman should know when to quit her job, break up with a lover, and confront her friends without shattering the friendship. A woman should know when to strive for more, but more importantly when to stop and let go. A woman should know that she cannot change the length of her thighs, nor the width of her waist, nor the temperaments of her parents. A woman should know that her childhood might not be perfect, but it's already over. A woman should know everything that she will do or not do for love. A woman should know how to live by herself, whether she likes it or not. A woman should know who she can trust, and who she can't. A woman should know where she wants to go when she needs comfort, even if it's just the kitchen of a close friend or a small cabin in the woods. A woman should know things that she can finish or can't in a day, a month...and a year.

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