DIY marbleized makeup brushes

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For this project, you will need:


-- A glass dish

-- Nail polish (in colors)

-- Clear nail polish

-- Warm water

Mix the nail polish and water

Pour warm water in the glass bowl. Then, add some drops of colored nail polish into the warm water. Gently swirl the glass bowl so that the nail polish starts to swirl. Then, dip your makeup brush (with the bristles up) into the warm water with the nail polish. Turn the brush gradually while it is in the nail polish solution. Then, remove from the water and let the makeup brush dry. (If you don't get enough nail polish on the brush, you can repeat this step.)

Apply a clear coat of nail polish

After the colored nail polish has dried on the brush, apply a coat of clear nail polish to the brush to seal the colored nail polish. Then, allow that coat of nail polish to dry completely.

Use the brush with your favorite makeup products and enjoy!

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