songs I listen to on repeat

1: Lil Wayne ft Eminem - no love 2: Warface - path to extinction 3: Jonghyun - Hallelujah 4: Jonghyun - sorry 5: Bigbang - blue 6: Johnny Cash - hurt 7: Bigbang - blue ( Japanese version) 8 : Crypsis - torture 9: G Dragon - window 10 : T-Pain - booty wurk # : 1,3,4,5,6,7,9 are like everything I'm always calm after hearing them they have amazing lyrics. it just gives you the calming vibe. # : 2,8&10 are more energetic and when you work out or working it gives you energy and you wanna dance on it I can listen to any kind of music ( except Dutch and polka ) music has no language barrier or a genre barrier if I listen to music it doesn't really matter whether it be Chinese,Portugese or Japanese if it gives you the feels than it's good music period end of discussion.

Hey everyone !!! I'm chella I'm from the Caribbean ( Aruba ) . I was born on 21-12-1996 I like music ( music is my life ) I like kpop Jonghyun is my bias from Shinee and my ultimate bias of al time is g dragon ( he's the reason why I started listening to kpop ) and I live in the Netherlands And if you have kpopamino don't be shy and follow me ( if you want ) for the people who don't know what kpopamino is I explained it in a card so if you're curious check that out
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