Police Raid in France

@JimDalrympleII: Nothing is visible in this periscope, but there is audio. Guy just said he doesn't want to die, can hear helicopters https://t.co/HLSQyU60Dg/s/KzGb @JimDalrympleII: A whole bunch of explosion-like sounds and yelling just now on the periscope. https://t.co/vjOzhnjzkB/s/LMNZ @JimDalrympleII: Here's our post on the gunshots in +Saint Denis​, France. It has other videos that were recorded at the scene https://t.co/e7SarW6vCi/s/OS1r @JimDalrympleII: Periscope guy is explaining the situation in English, French, Spanish, Polish, & Chinese (both Mandarin & Cantonese, I believe)

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