How-To: Cake Crowns

You've seen it! You love it! You want it! Well, now you can with this easy tutorial.

All you need to make this dreamy cake your wedding reality is to have a plain cake (that you can either make yourself or get from a bakery) and a bunch of seasonal florals. Just one bunch will do you. This, you can get at any supermarket or membership wholesale club store. You know the kind...

Using a sharp pair of shears (or your bare hands, if it's an emergency situation), simply clip the heads of the buds and gently place in a wreath-like "round" fashion around the top of the cake.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that not all flowers are edible, and therefore, can be quite poisonous. You'll want to check with the on-site florist or Google it. Flowers like lilies can be toxic, which you may or may not have known.

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